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Johnny Bronco

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Johnny Bronco(he/him)
Himbo, Hunk and Hornball.
There is no hotter specimen of man than bodybuilder and kinkster Johnny Bronco.
Johnny is a real unicorn of a porn star. He’s the rare straight guy that loves anal attention…and why wouldn't you if you had a big muscle butt like Johnny? He knows that his g-spot is deep inside his hole and has no problem letting you look for it. It’s entirely too hot when johnny gets fucked..he usually raises up his huge biceps and flexes them right as he’s taking a huge cock inside his man pussy. Johnny also loves being admired and worshiped like a Greek God. He loves flexing and flooding his muscles with tension so he can be admired at his fullest.

Featured In

Afternoon Pump
04 Sep 22
Muscle Worship
24 Aug 22
Smother Box
18 Aug 22


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